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bernhardt winery

Cabernet Sauvignon (dry smooth red wine with softness balanced with acidity)
Chardonnay (dry, lightly oaked white wine with hints of apple and pear)
Aggie Blush (a blend of favorite red and white wines with aromas of berries and flowers)
Crimson (semi-sweet red blend that is a favorite at the winery)

Bruno & George Winery

Arapaho Blackberry (jammy blackberry aromas and flavors made from pure blackberries)
Padrino Muscato (medium sweet, smooth, American Muscato)
Three Rivers Red (classic Bordeaux blend, smooth and woodsy)
OTS Raisin (old world flavor, smooth and delicious after-dinner wine)

colorado river winery

Tempranillo (medium-bodied wine with all the red fruit characteristics)
Whitewater Canyon (crisp and refreshing white wine with notable acidity offering a wide range of flavors from herbal taste sensations to veggie, and mineral tones to a citrus and tropical flavor)
Sweet White (Rushing River Sweet White is made from choice grapes left sweet with hints of berries or fruit)
Jubilee (sweet and creamy dessert wines are a must for every wine lover.  The senses are awakened by these rich specialty wines with an intricate mélange of lively flavors that tempt the nose)

Fatsolush WInery

Blanc Noir 2016 (semi-sweet Lenoir and Blanc du Bois Blend)
Fatty McButterpants 2015 (Blanc du Bois sweet dessert wine)
Panzon 2016 (dry red wine made from Lenoir grape aged in French oak, carbonated raspberry flavored)
Muscato Dry (white wine made from Blanc du Bois grape aged in American oak)

Fiesta Winery

Merlot (silky smooth, full-bodied, with flavors of vanilla and soft tannins)
Texas Well Water (sweet Pinot Gris white wine with a subtleness of white cranberry)
Tex Way Rose (dry red wine made from Dolcetto; Pleasant aroma with flavors of black cherry and a nutty finish)
Home Sweet Home (sweet, light red Zinfandel with hints of pomegranate)


2017 Texas Tempranillo (bold red with soft tannins and aromatic spice, leather and tobacco leaves)
2017 Texas Shiraz (red wine with firm tannins and a medium to full body. Aromas can include blackberry, plum, bell pepper, clove and licorice)
Blackberry (100% blackberry wine)
Double Bayou Raspberry Bubbly (Carbonated raspberry flavored moscato)

Haak Vineyards & Winery

Reserve Tawny Port (dessert wine with chocolate & cherry flavors)
Amorcito Sweet Red (notes of strawberries and cherries)
Blanc du Bois Semi Dry (white wine with hints of apricot and peaches)
Merlot (smooth red wine with notes of plum, cherries and cloves)

landon winery

Yellow Rose (sweet white)
Meritage (dry red blend)
Tempranillo (dry red)
(dry white)

Lone Hen Winery

Bubbly! (Sparkling pear wine)
Pink! (Sparkling Rose)
Sparkling Blanc du Bois

Los pinos ranch vineyards

Colibrí (estate-grown sweet blush begins a bit sweet and ends a bit dry)
Moscato (Texas High Plains Muscat Canelli; Floral, Sweet white wine)
2015 Texican (Texas High Plains Sangiovese & Cabernet Sauvignon; Dry red wine blend)
Besitos De Chocolate (estate-grown Black Spanish/Lenoir dessert wine with natural flavorings of chocolate & strawberry)

Lost Draw Cellars

Arroyo Blanco (Muscat Canelli and Trebbiano grapes; light dry white, very fruit forward, aged in stainless steel)
Roussanne (Roussanne grapes; full-bodied white; called the "Texas Chardonnay," aged in stainless steel)
THP Rosé (Cinsault and Grenache grapes; dry rosé that is crisp with strawberry notes, aged in stainless steel)
Arroyo Rojo (Tempranillo, Grenache, and Sangiovese grapes; dry, light-bodied red, aged in neutral oak)


Lemon (lemonade, all grown up)
Lime (margarita in a bottle)
Ghost Pear (pear wine with the haunting taste of ghost peppers)

Messina Hof Winery and Resort

Beau (light red wine with aromas of wildflowers and flavors of blackberry jam and fresh pears; balanced with boldness and weight; perfect for wine drinkers who enjoy a touch of sweetness)
Angel Late Harvest Riesling (crisp, sweet dessert wine, harvested from the last pick of Riesling in order to capture flavors of apple, pear and honey)
Sauvignon Blanc (light-bodied wine with aromas of lemongrass that are complemented with flavors of white peach and fresh melon; bright acidity)
GSM (blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre; full-bodied wine with blended flavors like blackberry, dark cherry, and plum)

Naca Valley Vineyard

2017 Tempranillo (100% Tempranillo, a dry red)
2017 Bad Day Rose (sweet Rose from Lenoir grapes)
2017 Brick Street Red (sweet Red Blend of Zinfandel and Merlot)
2017 Stellar (sweet white blend of Muscat varietals)

old man scary cellars

420 2016 (semi-sweet white blend featuring Riesling, Muscat Canelli and Orange Muscat grapes)
Primo Rosso 2016 (dry red Cabernet Sauvignon and Montepulciano blend)
Button Blush 2015 (off-dry blush with Orange Muscat, Muscat Canelli and Dolcetto grapes)
Riesling (off-dry crisp Riesling)

Peach Creek Vineyards

Rudy's Red (ruby Cabernet with natural chocolate and almond flavoring)
Sassy Lassy (semi-sweet wine with a little 'sass''; Made from Noble grapes)
Regal Red (dry Malbec)
Tropical Bliss (off-Dry Blanc du Bois)

Perrine Winery

Zombie Walk (semi-sweet white, tastes like a Pina Colada with a twist)
Peach Berry Sangria (semi-sweet red infused with raspberry and peach)
Barbera (dry red with mellow tannins; with dark fruit and light oaky finish)
Peach Melange (semi-sweet white tastes like a fresh peach)

pleasant hill winery

2016 Sangiovese (smooth dry red)
Blanc du Bois (sweet white)
2015 Fume' Blanc (oaked dry white)
Sweet Collina Rossa (sweet red)

red house winery

2016 Sangiovese (dry red)
2016 Rebellion Red (off-dry red blend)
2017 Roussanne (dry white)
2016 1779 (off-dry white)

saddlehorn winery

Rosé (easingly tart yet delicate dry rosé wine brimming with flavors of ripe kiwi and red raspberries)
Moscato (sweet, light, Texas-grown Moscato is dappled with alluring aromas of sun-kissed honeydew melon and citrus blossoms)
Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (voluptuous, mouthwatering and classically bold dry Cabernet Sauvignon accented by luscious blackberries and tantalizing tannins)
Malbec 2015 (velvety, luxurious red intermingled with mellow tannins, flavors of fresh blueberries and vanilla spice)

Texas Hills Vineyard

Kick Butt Cab Estate 15 (notes of blackberry with a spicy finish)
Volare Sweet Red (berry notes with a rich sweetness)
Toro de Tejas NV (rich and full body with long finish)

texas legato winery

Fight Night (blueberry and blackberry wine)
Rosé (off-dry Merlot blend)
Temptress (dry Tempranillo Rosé)
Pinot Grigio (dry white)

TexaS SouthWind Vineyard and Winery

Blackberry Fruit Wine (100% blackberries; no grapes or flavorings added)
Red Raspberry Fruit Wine (100% red raspberries; no grapes or flavorings added)
Pear Fruit Wine (100% pears; no grapes or flavorings added)
Texas Estate Black Spanish 2016 (100% estate-grown black Spanish grapes)

Texas star winery

Chardonnay (unoaked and fruity; made from a Washington state grape)
Spitfire (Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend; Double oaked for a smooth, delectable taste)
Cranberry (100% Cranberry; The holidays in a bottle)
Wild Mustang (semi-sweet red; A wild native Texas Grape)

waco winery

Viognier (fruit forward Viognier with notes of tangerine, apricot & pineapple)
Texas Peach (peach lover’s dream; lightly sweet, and refreshing)
Merlot (smooth, well-textured red marked by blackberry, cherry, and baking spices on the finish)
Texas Malbec (rich smoky red with notes of plum, black cherry, earth, and spice)


Symphony (sweet white)
Primitivo (fruit forward red)
Petite Sirah (full body red)
Syrah (a heavy red, a good steak wine)

Wedding Oak winery

Terre Rouge 2015 (100% Texas-grown at our estate vineyard, High Valley Vineyard in San Saba County; 42% Syrah, 20% Mourvèdre, 19% Cinsault, 18% Grenache, 1% Tannat)
Regency Bridge 2015 (42% Graciano, 39% Tempranillo, 16% Garnacha, 3% Tannat)
Viognier 2016 (100% Estate Viognier)
Sweet Alyssum 2015 (74% Muscat Canelli, 21% Riesling, 4% Roussanne, and 1% Orange Muscat)


Texas Blueberry (sweet wine made from 100% blueberries)
Texas Red (semi-sweet wine made from 100% Nobel Muscadine)
Texas White Dry (dry wine made from the Magnolia, Tara and Carlos grapes)
Texas Rose (sweet wine made from a blend of Carlos, Nobel and Sumit grapes)