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Accessibility Help Desk

Look for the Accessibility Help Desk near the Queen Theatre on Main St.  Below is a list of what you will find at the help desk. This is a community service brought to you by the Brazos Valley Center for Independent Living. Please stop by and say howdy!

  • Information about:
    • Accessible parking;
    • Transportation options;
    • Restrooms;
    • Exit routes;
    • Accessible routes; and
    • Where to find gluten free food options.
  • Materials in alternate formats:
    • Tactile maps; and
    • Braille schedules.
  • Concierge services/items including:
    • Long bendable straws;
    • Wheelchair charging station;
    • Loaner wheelchair;
    • Service animal relief area;
    • Transportation; and
    • Designated driver services.
  • On-site services:
    • Sighted-guides;
    • Sign Language Interpreting; and
    • Personal Attendants.

The BVCIL is a consumer-based, consumer-controlled, cross-disability, cross-cultural, non-residential, private nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. BVCIL’s mission is to promote the full inclusion and participation of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of community life.